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Our History
Dinwiddie County was formed May 1, 1752 from Prince George County. The county is named for Robert Dinwiddie, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, 1751-58. However the first inhabitants of the area were in fact Paleo Indians, prior to 8000 BC. They are believed to have been nomadic hunter-gathers following animal migrations. Early stone tools have been discovered in various fields, within the county. The county raised several militia units that would fight in the American Revolution. Dinwiddie County was the birth place of Elizabeth (Burwell) Hobbs Keckly who worked for Mrs. Jefferson Davis and later Mrs. Lincoln as a free black dressmaker; Thomas Day, later at Milton, NC well noted there as a free black cabinetmaker and within the state of NC and southern VA; and Dr. Thomas Stewart, perhaps America's first free black 18th century rural physician.
Latest News
Membership meeting June 12th
3:00 pm at the old courthouse

Visit our Booth at the Dinwiddie County Fair 18th 19th and 20th of August

Genealogy workshop 10 am to 2 pm October 2nd, rsvp

Volunteers needed the 20th and 21st of June for recording historical inventory
Courthouse Hours
Tuesday        10am-2pm
Thursday       10am-2pm